Since ancient times, linen, or Linum Usitatissimum, has been viewed as a symbol of divine purity, with beneficial properties. Nowadays linen is the only natural textile produced in Europe, thanks to the ideal conditions found in northern France, Belgium
and the Netherlands, where cold winds from the North come down across the English Channel to meet the warmer temperatures of continental Europe, giving rise to abundant rainfall.  The delicate flower of the flax plant blooms for just one day, covering the fields with a veil of pale blue, while the textile fiber comes from the robust stalks of the plant.
The stalks are left to soak to remove the woody component, then dried and processed,
using techniques that have been perfected over the centuries, but are still governed by natural forces, and carried out with enduing respect for the environment.
Durable, breathable and supremely comfortable to wear.

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